Family-Friendly Worship

A father teaches his children to sing from the hymnal.

At St Peter’s Anglican Church we believe families should worship together. We do not separate families into age groups or relegate infants and toddlers to a nursery to prevent them from ‘interfering’ in adult worship. Our worship is family friendly.

What we mean by this is that children of all ages, from infants to young adults, worship together with their parents during the service. The whole family is called to worship Jesus Christ, the Lord of Heaven and Earth. The children hear and gradually learn the liturgy, hear or sing the hymns, and they hear the scriptures read and preached. They learn by example when it is appropriate to be quiet and attentive. 

During the service, our children can see and experience the transformation that comes through worship. They see and hear their parents’ confess their sins and hear the absolution. At the communion rail with their siblings and parents, they receive a blessing or share bread and wine with God and the church community. Afterward, the whole family is sent from church having been renewed and made ready to face the world again for another week.

We also have single adults and teenagers who come to church by themselves. They find friends, fellowship, love, and support here at St Peter’s. The church becomes their family. 

Please join us. Bring the kids. Learn to worship with us.