Harvest Farm, Wellington, Colorado

Harvest Farm, a branch of the Denver Rescue Mission, is a faith-based recovery program for men exiting alcoholism and drug addiction.

Harvest Farm is a 100-acre working farm located in Wellington, Colorado, where up to 72 men go through an intense but voluntary rehabilitation process.

Take a quick tour: the Thousand Mile View of Harvest Farm.

The men of Harvest Farm give to the community every year with the family fun offered at the Fall Harvest Festival. Get a taste of it here:

Members of the St Peters congregation are encouraged to support Harvest Farm. Your gifts will help men get their lives reclaimed. See St Peter’s May 2019 newsletter for information about the current clothing drive.

Read about some of the men whose lives have been changed at Harvest Farm:

Homeless and on the run from the police, Troy found himself at the end of his rope. He was tired of being strung out, living on the street, and running from his past. So finally, he turned himself in. In jail, Troy began a relationship with God. He eventually found his way to Harvest Farm where he’s in a safe place to learn how to establish healthy relationships, overcome addiction, and better manage his life. More than that, it’s a safe place to discover God’s forgiveness for his past and find a new beginning.

Bill was tired of sneaking into garages for a warm place to sleep. His drinking had reached a level that was far out of his control. He realized he wasn’t happy and even considered suicide… “I’ve led this life for so long, and it hasn’t worked out very well at all. There is so much pain, suffering, disgust, anger, and bitterness. I’m learning how to give God the reins, letting Him control what happens to me,” Bill says. He’s full of hope at the Farm, taking the New Life Program very seriously and living life one day at a time.

Read more: https://www.harvestfarm.org/index.php#about