Having contracted the coronavirus…

May 2, 2020

A letter to the congregation, May 1, 2020

Dear people of God of St. Peter’s,

This is your Rector writing to you. I greet you in the beautiful name of our Lord and our savior. We are so blessed to have God himself as our prosecutor as well as our pleader. The case cannot go against us. May we keep in his ways.

I have been a sick man. I don’t recall ever being as sick as I have been. I can’t put my finger on when I contracted the virus.

I traveled to Peyton when my friend had a car crash. I stayed there for three days. People were coming and going, trying to exercise social distancing without much success. The viewing of the young boy’s body was arranged in such a way that there would be social distancing. But when the time came for the mother to look upon the dead body of her son, all hell broke loose. She couldn’t hold herself up. The ladies around her couldn’t help her, much as they tried. I had to surreptitiously step in and place my knee under her to sit on. It saved the day. She did not fall to the ground. No number of women present would have been able to pick her up. But now the women crowded all over us with no one minding social distancing anymore. Those who had face masks had by now pulled them to below the nose just above the mouth. They were serving no purpose. I left soon after the viewing and drove to Denver. Was I infected? None of the people looked sick. None had a fever. They were all vibrant in their movements. But who knows!

That Holy Wednesday I slept at my friend Al’s house in Englewood. I kept my distance from him and never allowed him to come within less than 6 feet of me. I left Thursday morning, Maundy Thursday, and drove back home. I drove straight to church to plan for Sunday, Easter Sunday. I decided to distance myself from people and to use a face mask. Easter came and went, the congregation worshiping from home by zoom.

Everything went well until Saturday after Easter. (My friend Al is not sick). On Wednesday of Easter week, one of my housemates confided to me that they had been sick with a strong fever for several days and was then getting better. Yet I hadn’t seen the same use a face mask at all around the house. We intermingled a lot, especially in the kitchen. Come Saturday, April 18, I began feeling sick.

I called the deacons and told them I didn’t like the way I was feeling, and that I would participate in the service the following day, April 19, from home. And I did. I didn’t want to pass the virus on to them if indeed I was infected. We did church and it all felt so good. It is always a pleasure for me to see you, God’s people.

Come Sunday afternoon and I felt really sick. I sent a message to my housemates telling them I suspected I had the virus. I promised to put on a face mask any time I went out to the common area of the house and to spend a minimum of time in common areas. I also asked them to always wear a mask when they came out to the common areas.

That Sunday I scheduled a virtual appointment for Covid-19 testing. The appointment fell through. The hospital system could not read my wireless keyboard and mouse. Their system must be rather old. Anyway, I figured that out and connected to the traditional keyboard and mouse. I succeeded in making an appointment for Monday, April 20, at 3.00 pm. I appeared for testing. The system was very efficient. Within ten minutes of arrival, a young nurse was scraping the furthest end of the inside of my nose. He told me I would get results within 48 hours. Actually, it was much sooner.

The following day, Tuesday, at about 9 am, I received a call from a nurse from the UC Health team informing me my test results were positive. She told me there’s no medication for the disease. She advised what to do: drink lots of liquids, and if I felt too short of breath to call 911. I straightway vigorously started a regime of treatment with a therapy liquid of lemons, limes, ginger, oranges, onions, and garlic boiled together. I would drink 12 oz of the liquid and self-steam with the rest. It was difficult at first because I was weak. But somehow, I managed.

The following day, the young housemate from Pakistan offered to help me. He made the therapy liquid and also made a meal for me. Then the next day Sister Bukkie offered to be boiling the therapy liquid. She does so twice and texts me that it is ready. All these have been a great blessing from the Lord.

I am still self-quarantining, but the last time I had a feverish temperature was Saturday, April 25. My temperature fluctuated between 99 – 104. One time it would show 104, then 101, then 99.6, then 102 and so on until April 26 when it has consistently been between 97.6 – 98.7.

I cannot thank you enough, God’s people, for standing with me during this time of sickness. You have brought me food, medications in terms of nice smelling perfumes, and shopped for me. I appreciate you very much.

I thought I am ready to come back to work full blast beginning this Sunday. The deacons thought otherwise. They advised me to relax at home until I am back in an optimum state. I conceded to their collective wisdom. Are we not blessed to have such godly deacons! They are the kind of people I’d like to work with. I will see you Sunday, May 3. I will perhaps be in my bedroom because I cannot be in the common area here at the house and take my face mask off.

Please stay safe and enjoy the good weather the Lord has blessed us with. Let’s always thank him.



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