Zeteo Missions, Philippines

by Kate Berg

Kate Berg tells Zeteo Missions’ dramatic story of Christ’s love in action in the Philippines.
Listen here to Kate & Anna’s amazing story.
Note: in the background, you can hear children laughing and playing on St Peter’s playground outside. Anna is one of the children.

It was such a pleasure to be able to share with the St. Peter’s family about the work of Zeteo Missions this past Memorial Day Weekend. Anna and I are grateful in ways I don’t know how to express for the warm welcome and embrace we have received from you all, and it is a great joy and privilege to have the opportunity to share some of our life at the mission back with you.

Zeteo Missions is a little grassroots mission serving on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. We are located in the province of Pangasinan (about six hours north of most destinations in Manila).

Our mission name comes from the Greek word, “zeteo”, used in the New Testament which means, “passionately seeking”. Among other references, it is used by Jesus in the Gospel of John (1:38) as he turns to ask those first two disciples of John who begin following Jesus, “What are you seeking?”

At Zeteo Missions, we believe that the answer to this question, spoken or unspoken, shapes the course of our lives; and we seek in all we do to keep walking into Kingdom culture – letting God’s priorities become our priorities, and learning to see and hear in new ways so that we might recognize what God is doing all around us and eagerly join him there. Our ministry model is an incarnational one. When I have to summarize what that looks like in a narrative, I think the best answer is that our Christian witness in all we do is best described as Christian “with-ness”. All the ministries that orbit our core –

Caring for the orphaned, abandoned, and injured is the primary ministry of Zeteo Missions.
  • medical relief,
  • food relief,
  • disaster relief,
  • building projects,
  • advocacy with government offices for people’s legal documents,
  • etc
Rescuing abandoned children is a community effort.

– all those ministries are carried out in a relationship, our team at work side-by-side with members of the community we serve and seeking opportunities to uncover the mystery of the Gospel in the living out of life together.

What is Zeteo’s primary ministry?

At the heart of everything, our core purpose is expressed in our Children’s Home. Zeteo is a residential facility and safe house for orphaned and abandoned children, with our primary emphasis on trafficked children ages 0 to 3 years.

Anna was found abandoned and in a cage on a roadside, a victim of sex trafficking.

That means that on INTAKE we give priority to children under three years of age who have been or are in imminent danger of being sold in the sex industry. Of course, we will need to grow with these children and so our mission is in the process of expanding to make sure that we can continue to provide a safe and healing space for our children as they age into other legal categories in accordance with Filipino law.

We are the only licensed agency in our province that accepts children under 3 years old. In fact, we regularly get calls from as far away as Manila asking if we have room for one more. We accepted our first residential child in 2018. Last year we were involved in the cases of 21 children. We currently have 7 children in residence and we are working hard to get additional buildings constructed so that we can keep sweet Anna when she turns three this September and so that we do not have to continue to turn away the sibling groups due to government age restrictions on housing.

We have been so welcomed by the St. Peter’s family. We would absolutely LOVE to invite you to be a part of our Zeteo family as well. Our needs are overwhelming, but we witness every day that they are no match for God’s love unleashed among His people. And we pray passionately for our Zeteo family around the world. There is something for everyone…every one. What is your “zeteo”?