Our Response to the Coronavirus, part 2

March 13, 2020

A Special Letter From the Rector, March 13, 2020

Sunday Service is On – 3/15/2020

Dear friends,

I am writing to let you all know that we will have a Sunday service at St. Peter’s Anglican Church Loveland at 10 am, the usual time, on 3/15/2020. I know the fear over the coronavirus is everywhere. The media is contributing to creating panic and almost despair. We Christians have a Master who is the Lord of the universe. Let us run to him and trust him to get us through this. Let us cry to him to show his power.

I, your priest, I’m not panicked in any way. I and Deacon Larry will be present to conduct the Eucharist. Come, let us celebrate our redemption. We will pray for the country, for the government, for those involved in finding a remedy, and for all who are sick from this virus and other illnesses. This is the moment for us to show that we belong to another planet, not earth. Those of earth are beside themselves, for us we are not. We cannot be.

We will, of course, observe all the recommended protocols of protecting ourselves and others. We will not shake hands. An elbow bump will do, or an arm-lock. Our sister Margaret demonstrated the arm-lock to me and I thought it is great.

If you feel sick, like coughing, sneezing, developing a fever, and tired for no reason, please stay home and consider seeking medical help. Use your good judgment. Otherwise, people of God, come, let us worship the Lord.

There will be no drinking from the chalice unless one insists, in which case he/she will use another chalice besides the one used for intinction. During the offertory, we will not pass the offering plate around. An acolyte will stand at the front and hold the plate for people to bring their offerings. We don’t want everybody to be touching the plate. And this is actually good to do because then the people get out of their seats to bring their offerings to God. In some African countries, this is done with much fanfare and dancing as people come forward to bring their offerings to the Lord.

May the Lord give you peace; may he calm all your fears. Please come and worship.

Your priest,


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