Bishop Atwood’s Election Letter

October 18, 2020

The Sanctity of Life & Religious Freedom

Here is an introductory excerpt from Bishop Atwood’s election letter, October 2020:

In a recent interview, Archbishop Foley expressed, “I do…believe we should be responsible citizens and participate in the electoral process, but not in ignorance. We should read and study the platforms and positions of the parties and make our decisions based on Biblical principles.” 

… Of course, there will never be any political platform that thoroughly represents the ethics and values of God’s Kingdom. We need God’s wisdom to know how to walk faithfully in this complex moment. My concern in this letter, however, is to highlight two issues (Sanctity of Life and Religious Freedom) which pose unprecedented threats to our common life together and our nation.

Bishop Atwood’s complete letter can be read here: Bishops-Election-Letter-2020

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