Zeteo Missions Prayer Update

from Kate Berg, August 27, 2019

Greetings to our St Peter’s Family!

I pray this message finds you all well.  I am sorry that it has been a little quiet on our side of things.  I have been wrestling with some kind of strange fever illness.  I rarely get sick, but this time has really sidelined me to the point of just accomplishing the bare minimum to get through each day. I am on the mend and trying to catch up on communications and projects.

In the gap though, we have an urgent matter for your prayer.  We are forecast to be hit directly with a Tropical Storm during these next 24 hours, with rains lingering from it for an additional 36 hours after that. The storm is coming over the mountains to our east which will mean even more rain, (and rain runoff down the mountain) for us.  

We expect flooding and being cut off from our supply cities. We will be traveling throughout today trying to get as much as we can to be ready for the floods. This travel will be by motorcycle – at times walking it through the floodwaters.  Our other staff will be outside in rain conditions all day digging trenches to re-route water, patching leaks on buildings, securing things that will blow in the storm, walking power lines, etc.  It is hard and dangerous work.  

Flooding is a regular part of life here, but still, it is discouraging. It is also dangerous. We would sure appreciate your prayers as we walk through these next 48 hours and their fallout. Our hospitals are already overrun with a Dengue outbreak that has topped 170,000 cases this year.  Flooding will worsen those numbers and add Leptospirosis to the mix.

We are all so deeply thankful for our St. Peter’s Family and your prayers and your hearts with us.

Walking this out with our Mighty God,


Here are two links for the storm updates.



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Tropical Storm Update 

Dear St. Peter’s Family!

It is with great joy that we greet you all this morning!  It is difficult to find the right words as I sit down to update you all.  This is certainly a moment that, “God is so good!” flows easily off the lips.  But something in me does not want to choose those words for this update, because surely God is good all the time, not only when we find ourselves in situations that feel good to us.  I find it most dear to my heart and tongue to celebrate God’s goodness in the face of discouragement and confusion.  This moment is certainly not one of those moments.

Perhaps the best way to share this update is to revisit something from our time together.  This mission lives and serves, anchored by and celebrating, that we don’t know the reality of a story (the content) until God weighs in on it.  This storm experience (the we shared together through your prayer for us) is a perfect reminder of that reality.  

Attached are the images of the ACTUAL path of the storm, and an actual satellite image of the storm.  Our entire province is swallowed in the large red zone on the top left.  And you can see the storm track passed directly over our area.  Marmi, our social worker is off-site this morning attending a mandatory meeting in our area.  She was delayed on the road several hours due to landslides.

Now, let me tell you our experience.  It rained throughout the day yesterday as we prepared.  The full force of the storm was set to hit starting around 11pm.  By 10pm, the rain stopped completely.  Not a drop fell on the mission the remainder of the night. No damaging winds.  The final image is a real time shot of the mission taken this morning.

We don’t know the reality of a story until God weighs in on it.

What a joy and privilege it is to be discovering the reality of God’s mission story for Zeteo and St. Peter’s together with you!

With love,

Kate, Anna, and the whole Zeteo Team